Southern Trinidad


The National Cocoa and Chocolate Museum of Trinidad & Tobago is a legacy great estate which includes a collection of buildings (cocoa houses, managers quarters, barracks, stables, cocoa & coffee factory space). The Museum has an archival collection of over 100 books that date back to the early 1900’s about the day to day functions of the estate. They offer tours that must be reserved ahead of time.

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Photo credit: Moruga National Cocoa and Chocolate Museum

Palo Seco

Rancho Quemado Estate is dedicated to preserving local culture and to educating both young and old. They offer tours and wildlife preservation activities.

Rancho Quemado Estate

Photo credit: Rancho Quemado

Terroir-grown in Trinidad & Tobago

Diverse landscapes influence the cacao plant and create unique flavors

The Heart of Cacao Lives Here

200 years of rich cacao traditions - home to the world's oldest cacao estates.

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