Village of Lopinot

The Lopinot Tourism Association offers cocoa and chocolate related activities and events. Tours can be reserved by contacting them on Facebook. The village was named after the first estate owner in the area, Charles Joseph Count de Lopinot (1738–1819).

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Photo credit: Lopinot Tourism Association

Mariposa Cafe

Mariposa Cafe and B&B, a must stop on the World Chocolate Trail, offers accommodation and an organic menu featuring pure, rich homegrown cocoa in many of their dishes (both sweet and savoury). As the fresh homegrown cocoa ingredients require some preparation, please mention that you would like to try them when you make your reservation.

Mariposa Cafe

Photo credit: Mariposa Cafe

Grande Rivere, Biche, Brasso Seco

Several Northern Range villages in the Alliance of Rural Communities of Trinidad and Tobago (ARCTT) offer tours and host scheduled events. The ARCTT seeks to support and develop financially independent, community owned chocolate businesses and affiliated projects using rural resources, labor and creativity. They support community chocolate making and sales in the northern villages of Brasso Seco, Grande Riviere (known for turtle observation), Biche and Tobago. ARCTT has also begun supporting rural communities in other Caribbean countries.

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Photo credit: Alliance of Rural Communities of Trinidad and Tobago (ARCTT)

Brasso Seco

The Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee invites you to explore the valley of life as a cocoa farmer. They offer a tour of an old cocoa estate and many other activities, including accommodation in a host home with welcoming locals. At the community centre there are cocoa products produced from local farms.

Brasso Seco Paria

Photo credit: Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee


La Vapeur Estate is a secluded eco cabin with mountain and sea views offers several agro-tourism activities including exploring their legacy cocoa plantation where you can pick and taste cocoa fresh from the pod.

Lava Peur Estate

Photo credit: La Vapeur Estate

St Augustine

Cocoa Research Centre of University of the West Indies conducts research and supports cocoa cultivation and transformation in several countries in the Caribbean Region. They offer the Genebank Tour, a unique opportunity to observe the widest variety of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) trees to be found anywhere in the world. It is a treasury of cocoa genes spanning an area of 37 hectares. Bookings must be made at least three weeks in advance to ensure availability. The minimum number of participants is 6. There are several other activities for visitors in development at the Cocoa Research Centre.

Cocoa Center

Photo credit: Cocoa Research Centre, University of the West Indies

Maracas Valley

Ortinola Estate in the 19th century was a busy and prosperous cocoa estate operated by the Cadbury Brothers of England. The main house was lovingly restored by a local family several years ago. You can make reservations for afternoon tea or tours of the cocoa estate or buy their homemade single estate chocolate. You can also enjoy a relaxing stroll on the estate and admire the lush rainforest covered mountains.

Ortinola Estate

Photo credit: Ortinola Estate

Chocolate Bar Café

Chocolate Bar Café is a chocolate shop and tea room, also open for breakfast and brunch.

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Photo credit: Chocolate Bar Café

Santa Cruz

Green Market is an organic market in a beautiful setting, home to many events. Open every Saturday from 6am- 1pm. Local chocolatiers occasionally sell their products.

Green Market Santa Cruz

Photo credit: Santa Cruz Green Market

Port of Spain

Cocobel Chocolate is a Chocolate Shop and Art Gallery. They are single estate chocolate makers with wild Trini passion.

Cocobel Chocolate

Photo credit: Cocobel Chocolate

Terroir-grown in Trinidad & Tobago

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